Coach Brad

Brad immediately inspired me to start a new way of living, Clean healthy living, with good eating & training habits.

I’ve lost weight, dropped trouser & shirt size, but the overall benefits of energy and strength knowing my body is fit and ready for the challenges ahead.

Be challenged, be inspired, be trained by Brad

Alex Duigan
South Africa

I love Coach Brad live training session, he works us really had and is a Highlight of me week. I Highly recommend joining!

Tracy Dicker
South Africa

I’ve been training with Coach Brad twice a week for the past 15years, I have become stronger, leaner and it helped me in so many sporting activities, He is a real professional and is really committed to all his clients.

Judy Bleekers
South Africa

Joining Coach brad and his warrior Program has paid of so well! I feel stronger than ever. All the hard work feels like just fun here,

Thanks Coach Brad

Rohan Singh

I started with coach Brad six months ago and my body has completely transformed Our workouts online are concise, impactful & highly effective not to mention fun! He has a great understanding of the body and how to get the results his clients need.
I’m so excited to continue & keep getting stronger

Kara Reagan

I enjoy Coach Brad’s online traing sessions.

His way of teaching i very engaging and therefore the online ‘feeling’ disappears.

Don’t underestimate his zoom classes!!! They really make you sweat.


Carmen Tacx

Coach Brad’s training sessions have been a Godsend and they have helped me immensely during the pandemic.

He makes sure he gets the best out of you because he also trains alongside with you.

Rikita Singh

Training with Coach Brad kept my mind and body on track through one of the toughest years of my life, isolated at home during COVID-19, no work, no Karate, no socialising.

I could tell that Brad was skilled and informed, and he really helped me to become stronger, fitter and more resilient than ever before.

Katie Simpson
United Kingdom


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Western Cape
South Africa

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